Program constructor allows anyone with a minimum of time to create the basis for data management and to channel ones efforts towards the development of their ideas and businesses. The platform makes it possible to quickly create an accounting system and conduct businesses in a professional manner.

A person who has a challenging idea which requires the accumulation of statistical information can cost-effectively create a knowledge database and focus on the development of ideas. The employee dealing with a large volume of the same-type data can spend some time and organize their work to get results ten times more quickly and efficiently. The professional staff of any kind of activity can find a quick and easy solution to their problems, which frees them from the routine work and allows them to concentrate on achieving their goals.

DIY accounting software

In a few days or hours you can create a program for the accounting of goods, customer database or a personal user reference and afterwards make changes just in a few minutes.

Similar systems

The system has a simple and familiar set of tools and allows anyone to perform complex tasks much easier. If you have already used Access or similar systems, this program will catch your fancy.

Multi-user working in the local area networks and iCloud Drive

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